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Nintendo R4 3DS Flash Card

Which of the DSi / DS Flash Card dev teams do You think will be the first one to release a Nintendo 3DS Compatible Flash Card.

AceKard 3DS

AceKard R.P.G on 3DS

My favorites in this race are SuperCard Team, Team AceKard and CycloDS Team, but it could be one of the R4 card makers or a yet unknown producer. What do we have going for each of the teams (as is showing their research and development teams strength and hacking skill)

  • 3DS SuperCard – created DSi  Medi Player iPlayer and later built on that to make the fantastic DSTWO with an extra co-processor and ram in the cart that enabled us to move forward in GBA, MAME and SNES emulation on DSi as well as play DivX and MKV files without converting. Another testament to their skill is just how long and how many Gameboy Advance, GBA SP Flash Linkers and NDS, DS Lite and DSi XL card they have developed and released.
  • AceKard 3DS – original ace kard was an OK card but nothing too big to stand out of the R4 crowd. It wasn’t until AceKard 2, AK R.P.G and AK2i  were released that the talent of this team started showing. They stood behind their products with great support and regular compatibility updates to become one of the homebrew and nds rom scenes best favorite flash cards. They were also very quick to crack Nintendo Anti Piracy updates on DSi  that were intended to lock out all R4 carts.
  • CycloDS 3DS – or maybe Cyclo3DS?
    They were the ones that managed to hack into the DSi MODE with their Evolutionary CycloDS DSi iEvolution card, but will they be able to do the same with the 3DS remains to be seen.
  • EZ-Flash 3DS - lately has been slower on new developments, but You have to remember that they were one of the big players in the GBA Flash Linker market and I still use GBA EZ-Flash 2 PowerStar  in my old Gameboy Micro! EZ Vi with its MoonShell based menu with nicely integrated MultiMedia playback options is also real smooth. They still could shine on 3DS scene!
  • R4 3DS no one Team- original and 100 clones – most teams these days have one of their cards re-branded to sell as a R4 card for DS/DSi so it is highly likely that whoever comes out with the flash card for 3DS will call it R4 3DS just to sell more units. After all Nintendo themselves call all backup units R4 cards so The NDS rom cartridge = R4DS …
CycloDS 3DS

CycloDS 3DS iEVO

- So who would You bet on will be the first one?

- Will You bout R4 3DS flash card as soon as they are available or wait to see if Nintendo tries to block them with automatic firmware updates?

Many R4i DSi cards now firmware 1.4 compatible!

R4i SDHC for DSi v1.4

R4i SDHC for DSi v1.4

Lately getting a lot of questions about DSi Flash Card compatibility with the latest DSi Firmware update 1.4
First I would suggest you never to accept any updates before finding out what they do. FW v 1.4 tried to disable flash cards, but failed with most of them. Cards like R4i SDHC v 1.4 , M3i ZERO , R4 Gold are now fully compatible with DSi version 1.4 U E and J. So before you buy – check if the card is 1.4+ compatible and upgradable, and don’t update if you don’t have to. (DS Lite and old NDS does not get any firmware updates from Nintendo so they are “safe” and all cards work on them like they should)

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a collection of some great questions from Nille and my answers to them. If you are new to DSi Flash Cards this should be interesting. If YOU have some Questions ask them here in Comments!

DSi Flash Adapter

DSi Flash Adapter

Q: if i by this card would i be able 2 get adobe flash player + can i go on uTube + can i go on aim
A > No – Nintendo NDS / DSi does not have enough processing power to run Adobe Flash so no YouToube for us.

Q: how much is it and where can i find it
A > Take a look at this store for details.

Q: is it only in JAP
A > No – DSi Flash Cards work on all USA, Japanese, European and UK consoles

Q: how do you know it really works
A > Because we are playing our roms (free DS Game Backups) with these cards

Q: u never said if it could go on aim
A: Yes – with a DSi Flash Card you can chat on AIM and ICQ using DSAIM software rom – download here http://www.ds-xtra.com/DSAIM

Q: so can it and is there anything i can get besides this to go on it
A: You have to have one of the DSi compatible flash cards – which one is up to you. No way to get FREE roms an and software on DSi without a DSi flash card adapter

Q: can i get processing power on this
A: not exactly sure what you mean by that. R4i or AK2i adds MEMORY – not processing power. It is not a CPU upgrade.

Q: what are roms and when you say cards do you actually meen cards
A: ROMs in general are DS Games or Programs. DSi roms can be backups of Nintendo games sold in stores or games and software made bby 3rd party programmers. With DS Flash Cards you can also play Games / Roms from other consoles like NES, Gameby, GBC, Sega, ZX Spectrum, Atari, SNES etc.
And when I say CARD I mean DS / DSi Flash Cartridge (with internal flash memory) OR DSi Flash Card Adapter (in the form of a DS Game Cartridge) that requires you to insert a microSD card inot the DS cartridge for it ot work. http://www.gameboy-advance.net/ds-lite/flash-cards.htm

Q: if i get this where do i put it in the dsi
A: You would put it in the DSi Game Card slot where you put DSi games. On NDS / DS Lite it is called SLOT-1. The flash card / memory adapter is the exact same shape and size as a DS GAME CARD so usually it is not too hard to figure out where to put it

DSTTi original / genuine?

No news about the DSTTi posted on the official DSTT site, so at this point it is not clear if this card is made by NDSTT.com team or another producer that just used the popular name of TopToy DS to promote his new DSi Flash Card. We will update this post as we find out more – so is DSTTi original / genuine? (it is REAL dsi rom cartridge, but who makes it is not clear)

DSTTi Flash Cart

DSTTi Flash Cart

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TTDSi – DSiTT for Nintendo DSi

And out of nowhere comes a surprise from NDSTT com  team in a form of a new Nintendo DSi Flash Card called TTDSi (or TopToy DSi) for playing nds roms on the NDSi.


This card also known as DSiTT will work similar to AceKard 2i and so it will let you play your legally and illegally acquired game backups aka NDS Roms on the new Nintendo DSi portable that is not compatible with older NDS / DS Lite flash cards like DSTT or Acekard. Also the is no information if this card will be able to help us play DSi only games for free but it does support DS WiFi game, DS Rumble Pak, Opera Browser, Action Replay cheat codes that you can edit in code base.

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Acekard 2i

Acekard team has beaten CycoDS and is the first one to release a working Nintendo DSi Flash Card for playing NDS roms, homebrew games and DSi apps on an unmodified DSi console. The new Acekard 2i is similar to the regular AK 2 and can be used on all DS consoles including NDS classic and DSi.

Acekard 2i DSi

Acekard 2i DSi

Perfect NDS rom compatibility

Acekard 2i inherit the best quality of acekard’s products. You can just drag and drop software on MicroSD card to run.
*On first boot it takes some time to create save file. The loader time after save file is created is very fast.
Support Homebrew programs/games

The Acekard 2i is compatible with all homebrew because of the DLDI auto-patcher. You can just copy the homebrews to the MicroSD card and run it. You can use Moonshell, one of the most well known homebrew software on DS, for multi media. Watching movie, listening MP3, reading TXT novel on DS is so easy! Please [download moonshell for AK 2 here].

*Some homebrews need to be put at the root of MicroSD card for best compatibility.
Support SDHC MicroSD card

Acekard 2i support SDHC and offer unlimited space for you. You can copy all you favorite software, songs and movie to one MicroSD card.
Support any brand of MicroSD card

Acekard 2i can be used with any brand of MicroSD card.  Do not need to worry about the speed of MicroSD / micro SDHC card.

Source DSi Hacker Acekard 2i

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